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Readers speak out on spamSpam is unstoppable simply because the sender can remain anonymous. 1 propose to eliminate anonymity

Google's Eyes in Your Inbox

Google's Eyes in Your InboxThe old adage "nothing in life is free" rings true for search engine giant Google 's plans to launch a free e-mail service to take on the likes of Yahoo and Microsoft 's MSN/Hotmail.

Climbing the services mountain

Climbing the services mountain; With margins evaporating in hardware and packaged software, vendors are rolling out plans to help VARs sell services to small and medium companies to capture what analysts say is a growing marketAs resellers find their footing in the lucrative small and medium business market, a push towards services is becoming increasingly vital.



MS adds IM client to collaboration

MS adds IM client to collaboration suiteTORONTO -- Microsoft Canada Co. announced the release of an instant messaging client with audio and videoconferencing capabilities.


Shop Smart For Your Next Computer

Computer shopping can be a daunting task, particularly if you're new to the high technology marketplace. You will be spending anywhere from one to several thousand dollars on the computer equipment alone, so you'll need to do homework first. According to one old IBM advertisement, the average person spends fifteen weeks, five days, twenty- three hours and fifty-eight minutes searching for a new computer. If you're like most consumers, you'll spend that time checking with a number of sources for the information you need to make decisions.

In order to save time and energy for buying a computer, you must following the three steps: setting you up to doing your homework, focusing on the homework itself to help you make decisions, and nailing your decision down to closing the sale. These three steps will not only save you time and energy, it will also provide you the guidance you'll need to buy your computer. Your fist step along the way to purchase your computer is to do your homework. Homework might include the following: learning the lingo, doing some research, visiting a few stores and dealing with salespeople. First, you should learn the lingo.

Knowing the Lingo will save you a lot of times toward buying computer because you will face many opportunities to use it. For example, without knowing the jargon, like Hardware, Software, Chip, CPU, PC, ROM, RAM, you might have difficulty understanding when you read the computer materials. You might have difficulty understanding the conversation with computer salespeople. Second, you should do some research to getting more information about computer. You can research through local daily newspaper. Local daily newspaper may have a computer section.

There are also monthly computer newspapers, but the Internet also has various newsgroups that specialize in the subject also. Finally, we come to visiting the computer stores and dealing with the salespeople. Shopping around three to five different computer stores is also helpful toward buying a computer.

Many computer stores offer similar computer products with a different price and warranty. It is wise to talk to the salespeople, asking as many questions as you have. Don't fret if you think your expertise is not the state of the art. In fact, if you are willing to learn as you shop and take your time, you will end up making an informed choice. The second step is focused on the homework itself by providing distinctions among the basic hardware options that will help you to make some fundamental choices.

As a result, there are several points that you should know: the type, the feature, and the location of buying computer. Make sure that you research those accurately. As a result, one can see that buying a new computer is not an easy task to do. It involves a lot of steps for you to do some homework.

Lots of problems and even some tears come from people who never talked to anyone else, didn't do any research, and took the salesperson's word for everything. Computers are supposed to help you make some part of your life better, and using them should be enjoyable. Buying one shouldn't be terror, either. Wish you good luck with your computer shopping.

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