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Readers speak out on spamSpam is unstoppable simply because the sender can remain anonymous. 1 propose to eliminate anonymity

Google's Eyes in Your Inbox

Google's Eyes in Your InboxThe old adage "nothing in life is free" rings true for search engine giant Google 's plans to launch a free e-mail service to take on the likes of Yahoo and Microsoft 's MSN/Hotmail.

Climbing the services mountain

Climbing the services mountain; With margins evaporating in hardware and packaged software, vendors are rolling out plans to help VARs sell services to small and medium companies to capture what analysts say is a growing marketAs resellers find their footing in the lucrative small and medium business market, a push towards services is becoming increasingly vital.



MS adds IM client to collaboration

MS adds IM client to collaboration suiteTORONTO -- Microsoft Canada Co. announced the release of an instant messaging client with audio and videoconferencing capabilities.


New and Emerging Laptops

You might wonder what the changes have been for. Why, for the ongoing and changing demands of consumers, of course! Notebooks nowadays are designed to meet the consumers who are growing younger and more active by the day. Businessmen are not the only ones with their hands on laptops right now, the younger generations are enamored with them, too.

Here‚??s a look at the new innovative laptops that can really leave you wanting a new excuse to treat yourself to a very early Christmas present! First up is the new MacBook Air laptop. What does this laptop have over other laptops in the market? This notebook boasts of its ultra thin design. It is astonishingly 0.16 to 0.76 inch thin.

It is so thin that you can fit it inside a normal brown envelope. Talk about revolutionary! This laptop is paving the way for computers and laptops to get more and more thin by the minute. It only weighs at around 3 pounds - good enough for you to carry wherever you may go. Just because it is thin doesn‚??t mean any of its features are compromised. Contrary to what you may believe, the MacBook Air has an astonishing 13.

3 inch glossy widescreen LED backlit display. It has a resolution of 1280 by 800 which can give you vibrant pictures with characteristic rich colors. You can immediately appreciate its magnificent display at full brightness the moment you open the notebook. What else does the MacBook Air have? It has full-sized keyboards added with backlight illumination for easy visibility in low-lit conditions. Just because it‚??s thin doesn‚??t mean it's only good for the most feminine of all hands.

It contains a large trackpad capable of multi-touch technology. All the ports for USB, headphones, video output and more are contained in its hatch flips. These contribute to the sleek design of the notebook as it hides the ports you won‚??t need.

What's more is that the MacBook Air is powered by Intel Core 2 Duo processor. Even though it is thin, it has great memory capability for a notebook its size. Its battery is the thinnest ever used in a laptop but can still perform similarly to average-sized batteries used by other laptops. For those who are constantly browsing the web, this is the right notebook for them. It has Wi-Fi capabilities giving it less of a hassle for you to enjoy the World Wide Web. It even has a built-in camera for those who are fond of chatting and what not.

Another innovative laptop that recently hit the market is the Asus EEE PC. What does this laptop boast of? It is, perhaps, the cheapest laptop ever to hit the shelves. It is absolutely portable and does not compromise mobility at all. It comes in at 7 inches and weighs at about 0.92 kilograms! It contains shock-protection technology making you worry-free if you ever do encounter bumps and shocks with your computer. It is powered by an efficient battery that boasts of long operating hours even when you are on the go.

It has been agreed upon that the Asus EEE PC is the best laptop for those using computers for the first time. It is user-friendly and contains only the basic features you will need. What can you find inside the EEE PC? It has Wi-Fi capabilities, it can read documents, and has e-mail software. Yes, this notebook has a webcam which you can enjoy using when you make use of this baby‚??s Internet capabilities. Don‚??t underestimate the simplicity of this laptop; you can upload photos and video on this little book.

You can even enjoy music and videos which you can play with its range of available digital multimedia software. It looks as if it is meant for use by kids but this isn‚??t the case at all. Asus EEE PC has a pearl-white finish and a touch of sophistication. Its price may vary depending on the type of memory imbedded into its hardware. Of course, the larger the memory, the more expensive it might be compared to its present offer. Other remarkable laptop computers that have hit the market this season are the revolutionary rough/waterproof laptops.

Many brands have offered this unique design and technology. One thing common about these waterproof laptops is that its technology is backed up by the use of specialized waterproof sheets and a drainage system capable of protecting the laptop‚??s hard drive and circuit board. Yes, this waterproof laptop is said to withstand water and can therefore be called water-resistant as well.

There isn‚??t much specific details released for this type of notebook but news has been spreading that it can withstand a 220 pound-beating. Being waterproof is not what the only thing waterproof laptops have to be proud for. These rough, waterproof laptops are usually powered by Intel dual core processors.

It has approximately an 14 inch screen, 60GB hard drive, Wi-Fi capabilities, DVD burners and more features you are sure to enjoy. With all its features, however, it doesn‚??t come close to being cheap. There has been news of another type of waterproof laptop that could not only resist water but the cold as well. All these new and emerging laptops have different features geared towards different targeted consumers. Whichever you may prefer, you are sure to find one of these laptop computers suited for you and your lifestyle. With laptop computers evolving into those of today, you can expect more and even better designs these coming years.

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